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Bespoke and Heirloom Jewellery

Sentimental stones and their special stories.

Our latest bespoke and heirloom projects including some exciting ones in the pipeline…

An 18 carat gold Citrine Step Ring & Citrine and orange Sapphire T-bar necklace

Two loose Citrines, 10.53 carats and 10.04 carats, given by a Grandfather to his Granddaughters which he bought in Ceylon, Sri Lanka, in the 1970s.

The ring features an elegant gallery and a delicate grain setting, offsetting the ring’s powerful size, and bevelled edges which echo the emerald-cut stone.

The Citrine suspended from the T-bar necklace features a baguette orange Sapphire surround which, again, is designed to echo the elegant emerald-cut shape of the stone. The complimentary colour combination gives its style an effortlessly beautiful and subtle contemporary edge.

An 18 carat gold red Spinel bracelet

Designed for a client who had long-dreamt of a ‘true red’ gemstone bracelet, the 8.49 carats of spinels in this piece were unlikely to disappoint.

Spinels of a deep and saturated but bright red such as these are a rare and valuable find. The soft, rub-over setting style make it beautiful to wear everyday; formal or casual. It also features the first Serena Ansell crab logo clasp.

Commissioned to celebrate a big birthday and special year in a relationship, this is a perfect example of jewellery being a perfect meaningful piece of love.

An 18 carat gold Aquamarine Step Ring

A 4.88 carat Aquamarine set in an 18 carat gold, delicate and traditional take on the Serena Ansell Step Rings, featuring delicate & subtle spitch claws and an elegant gallery.

A wonderful client and friend tragically lost a very special Aquamarine ring which she called “her talisman” given to her by her Grandmother. Feeling the love that she had had for that ring and for her Grandmother, it felt like a design for a truly special piece of love.

Sapphire and Diamond ring

An heirloom given new life.

This Ceylon sapphire ring has been re-set into a handmade 18 carat gold ring accompanied by baguette and round Diamond side stones. A gift from a Grandmother living on the other side of the world to her Granddaughter here in the UK, this Sapphire has been given a totally new lease of life and is a a beautiful way of keeping loved ones close.

Sapphire & Diamond ring

A sapphire and diamond cocktail ring given by a father to his daughter.

The ring features a generous amount of baguette and round diamonds of varying sizes and an oval sapphire of the most beautifully saturated blue.

The new ring design is more youthful and wearable, whilst upholding traditional influences and timeless style. All of the Diamonds will be set tightly together in platinum, making the metal presence as subtle as possible.

Transformation to be revealed soon…

Bespoke Cabochon Topaz and 9 carat gold ‘Fowey’ bracelet

(A bespoke Those Happy Places collection commission)

Bespoke Those Happy Places pieces are always incredibly meaningful as their design is centred around beaches that hold such a special place in a clients’ hearts.

This 9 carat gold bracelet features four Topaz cabochons weighing a total of 46.06 carats accompanied by solid gold casts of two shells collected personally from Readymoney Cove, Fowey, Cornwall which is the location of a beautiful family home & great happiness.

A very thoughtful gift and loving gesture from four children to their mother.

Finished piece to be revealed soon.

A 9 carat gold and Emerald bear brooch

A personal 30th birthday present gift from husband to wife, this beautiful bear is a physical creation of a family crest.

The brooch features a hidden loop which enables it to double up as a pendant, making it wearable for every occasion.

Aquamarine and Diamond Engagement Ring and Earrings

After three cancelled wedding during the turmoil of covid, this couple are finally married and have commissioned their ‘Happily Ever After Ring’.

The ring features a 3.56 carat Madagascan Aquamarine with a baguette diamond surround set in platinum. A very symbolic and romantic piece with enormous meaning - a piece of love of the best kind, and with Aquamarine & Diamond stud earrings to match… to be revealed soon.

Sapphire and Diamond Ring

We are lucky enough to have been given the beautiful task of creating a design using an amalgamation of stones from a client’s three special rings; two Sapphire & Diamond rings and an old cut Diamond & Emerald cocktail ring.

The Diamond & Emerald ring had belonged to our client’s late Grandmother and she wasn’t convinced contained real gemstones... we had the delight of assuring her that they are definitely very real and beautiful old cut diamonds and Colombian Emeralds.

We are very excited to reveal more on this very exciting project soon… watch this space.

5 stone Sapphire & Diamond ring

A client’s three Ceylon Sapphire ring re-set into a handmade 18 carat gold ring accompanied by two round diamond side stones.

A rarely-worn, pre-loved piece that now bring joy everyday.

If would like to discuss a bespoke project of your own, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We would be delighted to start something special with you.


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