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Is your New Year's Resolution to Propose?

If you are thinking of proposing to your loved one this year we would be delighted to help you take all of the best steps.

Engagement rings

There is a lot more to an engagement ring than a stone. It’s about your story.


That is why, when Serena has the pleasure of designing engagement rings, she believes the process should be so personal and heavily led by sentiment. Every ring is tailored to you, your budget, your story. 

What to do:

Below is Serena's step by step process.

Engagement rings. Proposal.

Appointment & initial discussion

The first step is to book an appointment.

Serena likes to start with a relaxed discussion to understand your story and any preferences you may have. These early conversations usually also help to gain an understanding of budget too.

Memories are made throughout the journey and even our appointment locations may be a meaningful part of your story. Otherwise, Serena holds meetings in several private and comfortable spaces around London, or she can hold video calls if you live outside of London.


Serena will source gemstones to show you. This can be done in person or through images.

Gemstones. Aquamarine engagement ring. Coloured stone engagement ring.

If you would like to use family gemstones Serena is always delighted to work with them. Using sentimental & inherited jewels will only add more wonderful depth and history to your piece of love.

Diamonds. Emerald-cut Diamonds. Diamond engagement ring. Gemstone sourcing. Diamond sourcing. Perfect stone.


Serena will produce sketches and design ideas for your ring to take you through.

Engagement ring drawings. Engagement ring design process.

We can also create a resin model of the design using CAD to give you a proper idea of the size and feel of the piece.

Engagement ring design model. Engagement ring CAD design.

Making & how long it will take

Once you have decided on the perfect stone and design with Serena’s guidance, the making process will begin.

The physical making of a ring typically takes a month.

However, depending on the time it takes to choose a stone and design, the whole process can take between one and three months from start to finish.

If you have a planned proposal date, let us know so that we can work within your timeline.

Determined by the design and your preference, your ring will either be made entirely by hand or cast before being set and finished by hand.

Every Serena Ansell piece is made using recycled, solid precious metals of the highest quality and excellent craftsmanship.

By crafting pieces of love in the way we do, not only will they last as long as they are loved & be handed down through generations, but we also ensure a more sustainable, lighter footprint on the planet.

Once it is finished

You propose & have a very happy party.

Engagement party

After that

We will do an initial resize free of charge, if needed.

We want to make sure all of our clients and their loved ones are happy with their piece of love forever. If any future alterations are needed to your ring or other pieces, we will gladly do our best to alter them to suit your needs.

Diamond and emerald engagement ring

If you would like to arrange an appointment to start your engagement ring story,

We look forward to helping you create a timeless piece of your love.

Aquamarine and diamond engagement ring

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