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Summer parties call for cocktail rings

Our favourite season is here and summer soirées in the open air full of bright colours and stylish outfits are happening

Cocktail parties call for cocktail rings

Cocktail rings have been completing outfits and making even the most beautiful more beautiful for decades from Elizabeth Taylor in the 50s to Princess Diana on her wedding day. (Although they go back much further than that - Cleopatra would have loved them, we’re sure).

Cocktail parties call for cocktail rings

You might want a new piece to start your era of cocktail ring-wearing or maybe you have old jewels that could be repurposed into something with re-found flare and beauty. We love both options and would be delighted to start an exciting, glamorous project with you.

We have put together our favourite Serena Ansell cocktail ring designs from the past year to give you some inspiration…

A 10.25 carat Columbian Emerald set with a ‘brickwork’ baguette Diamond band in a platinum rub-over setting. The ultimate Art Deco queen of greens.

A 3.20 carat Royal blue Sapphire with a layered old cut and baguette Diamond surround set in platinum. A totally unique, beautiful showstopper.

A client's heirloom sentimental gemstone
Made from an heirloom, this is a sentimental stone turned into a show-stopper piece

A 10.53 carat Citrine set in an 18 carat gold ring.

Easy to wear, smart or casual, bringing effortless style.

Bespoke Aquamarine ring
Handmade with a delicate gallery feature which offsets the stone's powerful size

A 4.88 carat Aquamarine set in an 18 carat gold. A delicate and traditional take on our Serena Ansell ‘Step Ring’ designs. Powerful size with charm and elegance.

Our Serena Ansell Step Rings; a vibrant red Fire Opal and an electric teal Tourmaline set in handmade, decadent chunks of 18 carat gold.

Teal Tourmaline Step Ring is available to buy now through our website.

For more photographs, information or viewings in person please get in touch.

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