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The Wrist Edit - Bracelets & Bangles

Timeless bracelets & bangles for every occasion

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The Figaro The Heavy Belcher T-Bar
Diamond Binding Bangle, Diamond Binging Ring, Chain Ring and the Gold Figaro Bracelet

The Love Knot The Little & Large

Gold Bangle, Gold Bracelet, Diamond Bangle, Diamond Ring, Charm Necklace, Gold Necklace, Gold Charms
Diamond Binding Bangle, Diamond Binding Ring and Little & Large Bracelet and Necklace with 'Those Happy Places' charms

Diamond Binding Bangle Heavy Gold Binding Bangle

Silver Bangles, Silver Rings, Gold Bangles, GoldRings
Matching Binding Bangles & Binding Rings

Our unisex Binding Bangles come in gold and silver with options of the standard 4mm width or heavier 6mm.

If you would like to have a meaningful inscription engraved on the inside get in touch.


If you would like to discuss designing an entirely unique piece we would be delighted to start something beautiful with you.

Bespoke bracelets
Two recent bespoke bracelets: a red Spinel and 18 carat gold bracelet and a cabochon cut blue Topaz bracelet (a bespoke 'Those Happy Places' commission). See our instagram and bespoke page for more details.

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