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Pieces of

Telling your love story

with timeless pieces for



Let us help you give a timeless and meaningful piece of love that will be cherished for years to come

Made in London

Bespoke pieces &  engagement rings

Bespoke is where the deepest love lies. There is nothing more rewarding than creating personal designs to mark a milestone or to signify love


Gemstone Pieces

Continuing the family jewellery design legacy 

"Jewellery design is in my blood. Years ago, when I decided to take action and make my interest in jewels into something more, my Grandfather got out an old, dusty suitcase which had belonged to his Grandfather (my Great, Great Grandfather) who had been an incredible fine jewellery designer and maker in the late 1800s & early 1900s. He was often asked to make bespoke jewellery for official dignitaries and royalty visiting the United Kingdom. He designed and created his jewellery in his workshop, number 10 Heddon Street, W1, which is very close to where I do much of my own jewellery business.
It is wonderful to feel that my love of jewellery, particularly my passion for bespoke design, has come from deep in my family history and that I can carry on our creative legacy."

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